Friday, 27 April 2012

Alan Hirsch at Harrogate

I am really looking forward to hearing Alan Hirsch speak next month at a New Wine Leadership  Conference.see here

I have been so challenged and helped by many of his books as have many other people.

I am delighted that 2 friends and fellow leaders are coming with me, and I also know a few other people who are going-.It should be fun!

It also comes at a very good time as with the Central building open and a new culture at least on the way to being established ,(new cultures can take a long time !) I am hoping the conference will stimulate us to think about what this new culture looks like in practical terms in our 2 very different situations.
 In other words I am hoping the conference will help ground the vision and inspire it to become reality.

It also comes at a good time as I continue to read The 4O Baptist voices website Baptist Voices

It is encouraging we are having this conversation at all, and there are some great posts on the site ,some of which I have linked to on this blog
.For the most part though I have found it a frustrating conversation, as I am  yet to be persuaded that many of the contributors have realised the depth of the crises we ( and many other denominations in this country) face ,and therefore with one or two exceptions, the solutions offered appear to me not really radical enough.
I could well be wrong though. I often am.

The final reason I am looking forward to the confence is that as a group of Christian leaders in the town we are beginning a conversation about how much more we could do together &mixing and talking with other church leaders could help inform my contribution to that conversation

As part of my preparation for this conversation I have  been reading The Gather site where there are some good stories of churches in towns working together in mission

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