Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Central -an update!

Alan on the desk!

It has been a while since I updated people on this blog about Central ,so here goes!

It has been  hugely busy since the Central openings. .Jude ,the manager of Central has been buying all kinds of equipment, mostly funded by very generous donations .
These include  a large desk for the entrance, chairs for downstairs and a whole host of other things we need to make the building work properly.

Jude told me this morning that there is still some stuff she needs to acquire but we are getting there and there is a sense of God's provision.

There has been huge interest in the building ,whenever the doors are open people wander in and if we are able we take time to show them around.
The overwhelming reaction is very positive though people wonder if it is really a church sometimes " because it doesn't look like a church" That gives a bit of an opportunity to talk about what is church is and the God we serve.

Other people who look around are potential  hirers who also love the building and we have many bookings without having ever put out any publicity at all (although we are turning our minds to that now)
It is a joy to meet people from charities and elsewhere who want to use Central and it is a great way of building relationships.

We ve already used the buildng for worship during Lent and indeed on Good Friday and Little Fishes our toddler group moved in last week and we are planning loads of other events and ministries there over the coming weeks and indeed years

So in summary a lot has been done , a lot of prayers have been answered but there is much still to do

you can read The Baptist Times websites take on Central here

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