Thursday, 12 April 2012

New preaching series- A meal with Jesus

Peter Morden from Spurgeons College is preaching on Sunday morning, and then we are finishing our series on Romans with a look at Romans Chapter 16 .I must say I am looking forward to that as though it is not the best known chapter in the book, it speaks a lot about Christian community. Then it is onto a new series, and we are basing this one around Tim Chester's" A meal with Jesus-discovering grace,community and mission around the table " I have consequently been reading the book and very challenging it is too! You can read Mark Heath's review here and some reviews on Amazon here
As the title suggests the book does talk about community and mission a lot and the importance of meals, I must say I found Chesters case very persuasive; though there are those that didnt  see here !
Anyway you can buy the book  and decide for yourself

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