Monday, 30 April 2012

In praise of church treasurers !

 We had a church vision meeting on Sunday.We have these about once a quarter. They are a chance for people to get get together  to worship,pray, talk,eat lunch  and ask questions ,about the mission and ministry of the church.
If I am honest some are better than others!
I was not especially looking forward to the one yesterday because it was all about money. What we have ,what we don't have, what we can do with it and what we cant afford to do.I feared it may be quite gloomy .I need not have worried
In fact it turned out to be an excellent meeting ,lots of sensible questions, some brilliant suggestions , an excellent presentation of the facts by Rob with loads of pictures and slides so even I could understand the situation! All in all a very positive response by people
We left the meeting with an understanding of just how much God has done for us ,how he has provided  and knowing that doing what we feel called to do will be a stretch and it will mean commitment (but that is what faith is all about )but with God all things are possible
Of all the tasks in the church being treasurer seems to me the one I would least like to do ,it seems a large amount of work ,you  have to keep up to date with constantly changing legislation, and at times it must seem a worry, but over many years I have worked with some excellent treasurers people full of faith and with great skill and vision. I am grateful to them all and all who help them  Thank you!

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