Monday, 5 March 2012

Tour of Study 3

I enjoy most sport but am really passionate about only 2 sports and really care about only 2 teams.

I have enjoyed cricket since I was very young indeed and still play from time to time( to an ever declining standard)for Strollers cricket club in Herefordshire which has given me a lot of pleasure  and through which I have made a  lot of friends  over the years.

The cricket team I support though is England.

My dad took me to see England against the all conquering West Indies in 1963 as a very young lad I can remember watching Charlie Griffiths and Wes Hall, the lightening quick fast bowlers, bowling in deteriorating light an awe inspiring sight!
In 1968 dad took me to The Oval to see England play Australia in The final test of the summer.England won to square the Ashes with very little time to spare. i will always remember those five quality days with my dad watching something we both enjoyed. I guess great memories are something we can do for our children!
On my wall I have the autographs of The England team that day- a precious  memory

The other team I support is Shrewsbury Town .I much prefer watching lower league football to the premiership and have both endured and enjoyed watching town over the years since I went with our neighbours in Wem as a young lad
On my wall are some programmes from famous games they have played

The final thing  is a small picture of the Lords supper on wood,  it is modern, though the writing on the back suggests it is a modern copy of a more ancient picture

I love the bright colours ,the reminder in the picture that The Lords Supper is not a ritual but a meal ,friends  eating together with The Master present, and sharing the meal with them  before the body was broken and the blood shed....for us

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