Thursday, 1 March 2012

..And now for something completely different!

I thought I would depart from writing endless posts about Baptists and change to think about something completely different
I spend a lot of time in my study, writing sermons and orders of service and funeral talks and answering a never ending and ever increasing supply of email,  and  very occasionally I  get my head up from a computer screen and have a look around at some of the stuff around me in the study .
The first thing I notice is books, I only have a small portion of the bookS I have ever bought in my office but there are still books on every conceivable theological subject'
I am pleased to say I have read at least part of about 80% of them ,though that leaves many I have never opened and I guess some I will never open! I feel guilty about that

Beyond the books,  much of the stuff reflects my other  interests and passions,so there are the precious  family photos  and also a self portrait painted by my dad who I still miss some 5 years after his death.

There are CD'S Passion Awakening ,the best of Stuart Townend ,Sacred Arias by Katherine Jenkins, Leonard Cohen live at the Isle of Wight 1970 among them- quite an eclectic mix!

Then there are other personal things like this policeman

He was made by a retired police inspector called Donald Grigg  who came to our church in Ross and who died in the mid 1980's
Donald was a quiet man who looked after a disabled wife with great devotion .He taught me that you don't have to be loud and exuberant to have a deep faith Every year at Christmas  he gave me a wooden carving instead of a Christmas card and I have them all still!

Hanging on the wall is this simple print I  bought in Norfolk for a few pounds many years ago which not only amuses me but reminds me that it is possible to be very close to something wonderful and still not see it!

I will mention some of the other stuff in my next post

What is in your study or office that is precious to you?

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