Saturday, 3 March 2012

Study tour part 2

Continuing the journey round the things in my study.On the window ledge there is a postcard with just 3 words on it "Faith involves risk"
 I cannot remember where I got it though it was also in my room in The Crofts ( where Ross on Wye Baptist Church offices are) so I have had it a long time.

It is a reminder to me that as Christians and as churches we cannot always know the outcomes before we embark on the journey .If we could there would be no need for faith at all! It is also a reminder not to be afraid of taking big decisions sometimes. Indeed it is critical that we do if we are to build The Kingdom and grow as Christians.As the man said " If you want to walk on water you have to get out of the boat!"

To the left of this postcard, is a picture taken by my friend Phil Price.

It is a picture of the church I served for twenty one years in Ross on Wye. it was presented to me as a gift before I left.

When I look at the photo I don't just see the building but also remember the people it was such a privilege  to know and minister to and with for so long.
 When you leave a church and go to a new one you don't forget the  former you just add many more great relationships to your life (and some new challenges as well sometimes!)

When I look back the lines have certainly fallen for me in pleasant places!

I will finish the tour in my next post

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