Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The God who provides!

I had to be in town today for a meeting about an exciting, if embryonic Christian project , that I may well blog about another day

On my way there I dropped into Central,arriving by coincidence at just the time a new coffee machine was being delivered.Tragically there was not enough time to try it out, so I will have to wait till tomorrow when the machine will be used for the first time!

While I was there I was astonished to see loads and loads of good quality crockery and cutlery which had been given us by a local hotel who had no further use for it ! This will have saved us hundreds of pounds

Only last week we were given a very generous gift to help equip the new building properly.
On top of all this we have had so much support,advice , help and encouragement from other churches and individual Christians

We have 2 opening services next week with Roger and Lesly Sutton speaking.

The first is a Civic Service and the second a celebration for all who have travelled the journey with us.

 .It has been challenging at times but looking back we see the awesome provision of God and we know that He is Faithful! He is the God who Provides!

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