Friday, 23 March 2012

The Community comes in !

Last week we had the civic opening and church opening of our Central building

Today we opened the doors to the wider community and hundreds of people came!

They represented a wide cross section of society, old and young ,people on holiday ,folk from other churches, people who had been married in the church many years ago, people who once worshipped with us and now worship elsewhere and a host of others.

We took the time to chat ,to show them around the building ,to share our vision with them

They were almost all enthusiastic about what they saw and one or  two even seemed overcome with emotion at the bright, welcoming and accessible building they were looking at for the first time.

A number of local musicians came and played either inside, or just outside. the building throughout the day and as usually happens the sound of music drew more people into the building

Today was mainly for adults tomorrow is mainly for children and we expect the day to be even busier. I am looking forward to it!

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