Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Joining God in the Neighbourhood

I have been reading" Missional -joining God on the Neighborhood" by Alan Roxburgh

Regular readers of this blog will know that our church in Shrewsbury has been exploring what it means to be missional Building church for the future!,and to that end I (and some of the other leaders) have been reading people like Reggie McNeal,Alan Hirsch and others to help guide us on this adventure.Roxburgh is another 21st century pioneer of the missional movement
His basic contention is that since the 16th century our questions have been shaped by the Reformation and  are essentially therefore church questions
 Roxbugh's contention is that these are the wrong questions for the 21st century and that the task of the local church is to go out into local communities and join in with what the Spirit of God is already doing there.
I will not attempt a full review of this book except to say it is excellent and particularly helpful for a church like ours, rooted in a more traditional way of doing things.Indeed there are some very helpful questions at the back of the book to help a church make this important transition to being fully missional.
It was also affirming in that we have taken many of the steps Roxburgh is suggesting
Roxburgh's exposition of Lukes gospel (especially Luke 10) is very thought provoking and his potted history of Bishop Newbiggin  opened my eyes to the life story of an amazing man.

I commend the book to you-Roxburgh's thoughts are  here and Simon Jones blogs on the book here:
a sideways glance


  1. Another book to add to my ever growing booklist!! I start my MA in Mission (Emerging Church) this September with Cliff College and I'm collecting reading material from all over the place :) lol Judyx

  2. Thanks Judy
    I don't think of myself as following the latest theological fashions but I must say people like Roxburgh,Hirsch and Reggie McNeal have reshaped the way I think about mission in (I hope) a much more biblical direction, I was also very helped by a Fresh expressions course.
    all the best with the MA !

  3. But it's good to widen your horizons even if you don't agree with all the authors. The MA suits me because alot of it is practical ie you have to be in a fresh expression/new plant and it relates to exploring your experience where you are as well as looking at so many other aspects. I hope it will help me to consoladate the last 7 yrs and help to build and sustain Rivergate Church for the coming years but more importantly it looks at mission within the community, which appeals to me. Judyx

  4. Agree totally about Mission in the community Judy
    and delighted that Cliff and others are putting on these kind of courses. A colleague of mine is also doing something similar.
    Rivergate sounds very exciting!