Monday, 20 February 2012

40 Baptist Voices -Kwame Adzam

Beyond 400 - Baptist Voices. Join the conversation now.

I promised to keep you updated with some of the more important posts in the Baptist 400 debate (in my flawed opinion)

The debate has been frustrating to read at times, as it's meandered all over the place without settling in any particular direction.
However,I have kept in touch with it and it has provided a platform for a diverse range of views to be shared -so that is very worthwhile !
 This morning though I looked at the site for the latest contribution and I think this guy has hit the nail  firmly on the head  Press here
Kwame doesnt say all that needs to be said but he does say something very  important. I especially like the points he finishes with

"1.Our ministers must begin to demonstrate this confidence in the pulpit after spending hours of prayer with God in secret.

2.Our Baptist denomination must shift from an over emphasis of our confidence in a Baptist identity to a Gospel identity. They are Baptist people who know the processes of a Baptist meeting and their rights but do not know the content of the gospel and the joys of being blessed and highly favoured by their heavenly Father. There is an urgent need to redress this skewed perspective.

3.We must be self-critical in our attitudes and character with the demands of the gospel. Let us stir up one another to know and love God more deeply, to passionately seek to get people to know Jesus the Saviour and to diligently demonstrate God’s love through acts of love."

Now there is a challenge to me and indeed to us all!


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