Saturday, 28 May 2011

Italian evening- pizza and painting

We had an Italian evening for the local community last night and once again as with the Curry Nights see here and Christmas brunchessee here and other events see here, a lot of people came, and most of them were from the local community, as opposed to church people.
We had great food together,and the children enjoyed face painting and the chance to make their own pizzas . both activities were amazingly popular and the pizza making especially gave a whole new meaning to messy church!
A lot of good conversations took place and I had the chance to talk with 2 or 3 people about  faith.
These evenings are so worthwhile. I think many local people who don't yet come on Sunday now think about us as their church.

It was interesting last night that so many people lingered for long after the food and Italian quiz was finished.

A great evening ! A great chance to build relationships!

The question I am left with is how do we move this forward now?


  1. Patience my friend - the answer to your question will come at the right time :) and probably from the most outlikely source!
    Glad the evening went so well - that's what it's all about building relationships :) God bless you, Judyx

  2. Thanks Judy
    it really is all about relationships!