Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Building church for the future !

The work on our town centre building continues.
Demolition is alsmost complete and rebuilding will begin shortly.
The planners  insisted we keep the front facade so this is not being demolished .
We do hope however to build an atrium on the front to increase the buildings "wow factor".

It was I think Churchill who said "We shape our buildings and then they shape us"

We are determined not to be club but to be a welcoming community, and therefore we are  committed to building something that is attractive, flexible and accessible so that this building can be used to serve and bless our community and it can be a place where the love of Jesus can be seen and shared..

All being well the new building will be opened fairly early in 2012

On Sunday the church spent 4 hours together thinking,praying and talking about exactly what ministries would take place in the building. It was a pretty inspiring time and what gave me immense pleasure was how so many people of different ages grasped the vision of what it means to be missional church.
In my view this is a much better way to do church meetings and the feedback we got seemed to confirm this view
Other churches are much further along this path,The Hub and we also showed this video from Finchampstead Baptist Church which is well worth looking at( forgive the slightly heavy denominational slant -it is still an exciting story!)

So these are very busy but very exciting days for us all -Lots of meetings about different aspects of the project ,but all the time trying to keep ourselves focussed on the goal .We are not here to build a building but to build God's Kingdom

Lots of people in the town wonder what is going on at the site and ask loads of questions. Hopefully they are beginning to believe that a new building will emerge from the rubble after demolition and hopefully to it wont be very long beore the signs go on the hoardings " Building church for the future- Building church for the community -building church for you!

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