Sunday, 3 October 2010

Harvest Breakfast

Alan Hirsch
The way to the universal is through the particular. The best way to love the world is to love your neighbor ~


We did another in a series of events for the local community today.
In the past year or so we have had curry evenings ,afternoon teas,Italian evenings, community days and a Christmas brunch.
In my view all have been very worthwhile.There is that moment every time , when you worry if anyone will turn up, but,in fact ,people seem to be coming in ever increasing numbers, and speaking to many of them today ,they seem delighted to come.
Today we served up Harvest Breakfast.

Great coffee, toast and croissants ,a wonderful Harvest display, a great all age talk and a powerful challenge given by Tim ,one of our church leaders, added up to make this not only a good event for local people but also a thought provoking way to celebrate Harvest.

As a new church we are deeply committed to serving people,and sharing something of God's love with them. In order to do that ,we have to build real relationships with our neighbours. We want to disciple people but we cant do that until they know the gospel and we know them.Today was another enjoyable step on that exciting journey

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