Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Spirit's Edge 3

The authours give 3 final signs of the Spirits presence
Let there be unity around Jesus
Faith is maintained by keeping the unity that is already given to the church
Let there be ecstasy and intimacy

to be enthused literally to be en-theos in dwelt by God by The Holy Spirit Christ indwells us that is an incredible thought for any struggling Christian Christ indwells us

Let there be liberation and transformation
2 COR 3 " Where the Spirit of The Lord is there is freedom"
The Spirit brings freedom

How we need to embrace the role of The Holy Spirit! We need a genuine encounter with God if we are going to build His Kingdom and glorify Jesus

untamed suggests practices to follow
The one I especially commend to you is to learn to discern The work of The Holy Spoirit in everyday life so for instance Where have I worked with The Spirit in the last week? Where Have I resisted The Spirit in the last week? What must I change?

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