Monday, 16 July 2012

Light a virtual Candle !

Grasmere church interior

I was in the Lake District at the weekend and popped into Grasmere Church and was fascinated to see the numbers of people writing prayer requests on small bits of paper and sticking them on the noticeboard provided.  I think it says something very positive  about how spiritual people are even if the do not regularly attend church and how much they value being prayed for.
Equally visit any of the great Cathedrals and for a few pence you can light a candle for a loved one,which for many people is a very meaningful act and from time to time I have done it myself, as an aid to concentration as I pray
I think I might draw the line at this though  London internet Church

What do you think?


  1. Ok explain more as to why you might draw the line on lighting a virtual candle? is it because it is on the internet? however, they do state that an actual candle will be lit at their weekly prayer service. The folk on the virtual site, like the folk within Grasmere church, to my mind are writing prayer requests in the knowledge that someone will be praying on their behalf!

  2. you are right of course Judith- I am not being rational but it just seems a little to easy !

  3. Oh I am always right Charles ;) lol however, I do know what you mean and I not too sure it is something I would do either as I prefer to enter a church etc; however, when speaking to one of my teachers recently I learnt that she often visits sites such as the one you mention as she prefers that to going to church..