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Radio Shropshire Pause for thought July 1st 2012

Not quite a random photo! -this took place outside Central on Friday and Saturday night and the youngsters who were taking part in slum survivor from the 6th form CU and SYFC were also on the programme it was good to meet them at the studio

Mike, I nearly asked you if you remember what you were doing this time last week but you were here!

I heard you talking to Dave Mathias about the Euros and particularly the England game –The nation was full of anticipation.

This time last week the  St Georges flags were flying from cars and houses alike

This time last week hope was rising ,optimism was in the air  surely we would beat the Italians and progress to the semi finals …..even I thought we had a chance

It didn’t quite turn out like that  …   I got back from the evening service bang on time for kick off  (strange coincidence that!)  The TV was already on   I was  ready to go The rest as they say is history they also say history repeats itself and as far as England  goes it sure does following.. the tension and stress of the game we witnessed the 12 yard lottery of penalties and of course we lost!!

Ecstasy followed by inevitable agony….the carnival is over for us

But I am here today to say all is not lost there is still the opportunity to celebrate this summer ,to party

The Diamond Jubilee celebrations continue indeed - Shropshire Diamond Jubilee Pageant is being held at RAF Cosford, in presence of Queen and Duke of Edinburgh on July 12th

Then ,of course there are the Olympics we can celebrate every gold,silver or bronze medal even if it is in some minor sport that none of us have ever heard of ,or would usually pay attention to.

There will be plenty of opportunities for the nation to party

I think that is great

Yes there are times to grieve and to be sad  but there is also a time to celebrate

It is important to celebrate on a local as well as national level

In the last week I was present as a couple renewed the marriage vows they had first taken at Shrewsbury Register Office 38 years ago –children, grand children ,great grand children  came along to celebrate

I was also present at a splendid 10th birthday party for our churches women’s  ministry CLEO

You don’t have to be a card manufacturer to think that it’s important to mark special occasions

Remembering someone’s birthday ,taking a colleague who is retiring out for a drink, marking an exam success ,all these make people feel valued ,cared for ,wanted

There is power in celebration!

As I read the gospels I am astonished just how much time Jesus spent eating and drinking, so much that his enemies accused him of doing it to excess, he goes to a wedding turns water into wine, he eats at the home of Mathew the tax collector, he feeds 5000 people he has a last supper with his followers even after the resurrection he eats fish with the disciples. As one writer puts it” in the gospels Jesus always appears to be going to a meal at a meal or coming from a meal ,often he was celebrating” No wonder Luke tells us “The Son of Man came eating and drinking”

Not everyone approved of these celebrations many religious people said

why is he eating with these sinners ?

But Jesus loves people he loves parties he loves celebrating.

Mark those special occasions in people’s lives, throw a party for them it need not be expensive ,it doesn’t have to be grand or ostentatious -,display an” attitude of gratitude” to your family & friends- show them you care

……perhaps even more radically bless others and  throw a party for people who have little  Jesus said when you give a feast invite the poor the crippled the lame the blind and you will be blessed … they may not be able to repay you but God will

So forget the euros ….let it  go! Barring a miracle ..(which is always possible )  we won’t  even win the world cup in two years time but we still have loads of reasons to party and to celebrate this summer!

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