Sunday, 10 June 2012

Being Baptist Called ,Gathered,Sent

Firstly, I thought this was an excellent explains clearly some of the history of Baptists and the key and sometimes pioneering, roles played by this group of Christians, in the abolition of the slave trade ,issues of religious liberty and the ministry of women.
I suspect very few people in our churches know this history so this will be a useful teaching tool.

It also explains why we do the things we do in the realms of church government and sets out the ideal of the church meeting quite clearly.

If I have a disappointment it is not with the video or the ideals,it is with the fact that the reality is so often different.
Jonathan Edwards introduces the video by saying that we are a movement led by The Spirit. I have to say it has  not always felt like that especially as we have thought about the whole Baptist Futures process.

However if this excellent video is used to recall us to our radical roots and inspire us for the future then I will be delighted.

Press here for video

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