Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Big Society Shrewsbury

We were  surprised  and delighted to receive a Mayors award for  Shrewsbury Baptist Churches outstanding contribution to the community.The citation  read out when the award was made was clear that the award was for the work with the community that we do in both Crowmoor and Central.
In truth I guess  a great many other churches in the area, are doing similar or better stuff  and could have recieved an award ,but all the same,it was nice to be recognised, because we are passionate about our community.

It was a great joy that the top prize in the community category went to Shrewsbury Street Pastors,they have made a great start and so many congratulations to them,it was richly deserved.

The other award winners ranged from the people at the Parks department who look after the wonderful flower displays ,to the Horticultural Soceity who put on the Flower Show.
In between were people who run dance classes for the community (including our own Pauline ,pictured below) and

a pub landlord who distributes free food to senior citizens , a lady who runs a stroke club and a guy who has created an amazing wildlife garden near a sewage works (if I understood correctly!).Young people and their organisations were also well represented- An amazing bunch of people who were the Big Soceity long  before the term was even invented

We often hear the bad stuff but in truth there will be people like this in nearly every community and in austere times they offer huge hope for the future ,they also demonstrate the importance of building community and I feel the church has a critical role to play here

The awards were a certificate in a frame The whole thing was of minimal monetary value but would be a great boost and encouragement to everyone who recieved them. Saying thank you is powerful- so well done to The Mayor!

 On the way home we did wonder aloud about doing a church awards ceremony ,we concluded it would be great but not without its hazards!Anyone have any experience of doing this? Did it work?



  1. great stuff, I'll look forward to hearing what you decide, we do an unofficial recognition of what folk do at our ACM, but no awards.

  2. Thanks Sally I am sure you would understand the possible hazards in a church context as well as anyone!