Monday, 14 May 2012

A persistent call

I drove the 70 odd miles from Shrewsbury to Coalville to take a small part in the induction of Denise to the ministry team. of a church there.
I went because I wanted to be a blessing but in fact( as is so often the case) ,I got much more from the occasion, than I was able to give to the occasion.

Denise first came to Ross in 1994 when her daughter was  2 years old.
She joined quickly and helpfully in the life and witness of the church, was baptised there and served for a number of years in a variety of ways using her very considerable gifts in God's service.
Early on she felt God calling her into ministry , a call that would not go away despite many heartaches and rejections along the way. Through it all, Denise kept focused on Jesus and demonstrated that often neglected,but vital, Christian quality of perseverance, until at just the right time this opportunity of ministry and service came up.
.Being present yesterday I felt a huge sense of relief  and indeed joy that God had worked this out-  and guess what she is in the right place at the right time!
It is easy as a visitor to spot the good things in a church and miss some of the internal politics that are present everywhere, but Greenhill seemed a warm ,welcoming place ,underpinned by prayer with good worship and.that connects with its local community.
I am sure it is not perfect but it sure felt authentic !
The worship was led by the pastor Jill Willett who preached a model ,short, but relevant message, with humour and real understanding of the people she leads.
Denise will make a great addition to the team but will also gain a lot from the team in terms of advice support love and encouragement.
What was a great joy too was to hear Denise's daughter Rhiannon singing with a friend during the service.
As i get older there are plenty of disadvantages, but it is good to trace the grace of God working in a family over  many years!
A great evening!

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  1. always good news to see a call affirmed.