Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas time -Shrewsbury Baptist

 We are continually looking for other opportunities to serve,to engage with, and to share the gospel with our community, but there is nothing quite like Christmas!

My colleague Steve and I were doing a rough count and we reckoned that we had had well over two thousand people through our doors in the last 10 days or so and there are still services to come before the big day

I am sure many other churches have experienced the same thing.
The people came to services,carol concerts ,the toddler group party,school nativity plays and many other things
                                                                carol concert

It is fascinating how people who are reluctant to come near a church building at other times, are very keen to come at Christmas, and we are working very hard to make the most of the opportunities that this gives us and to make the step easier from watching your child in the school nativity play to feeling part of the local church community
worship group carols by candlelight
Judging by the people from the local community who came last night to Carols by Candlelight we are slowly making  real progress
Carols by Candlight is one of the highlights of the year and once again loads of people came ,the music group were amazing and Steve spoke powerfully on the importance of Faith ,Hope and Love at Christmas and always
A really wonderful evening and probably unique in that Steve actually wore a suit for the occasion!
I knew you would want to see a photo of that!

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