Monday, 12 December 2011

The Christmas Brunch!

Over the last few years we have worked hard at connecting with our local community in a whole variety of different ways.

One thing that has worked really well has been a series of meals we have put on for the local community. We often do those on Friday evenings and the response has been amazing!at our last evening there were more people from the community than from the church.

Twice a year though we have done these events on a Sunday morning in place of our usual morning service.

So it was today that around 150 people turned up to to our Christmas brunch.We enjoyed coffee, bacon rolls and croissants together, while the band played Christmas music and then we sang carols and listened to a brilliant talk by Elise on The Prodigal Son which she tied in beautifully to the Christmas message with a whole variety of props and with loads of help from some of the children.

Elise made the story live and it was readily understandable to those who had not heard it before

The band!
the merry throng!

Once the service was over we had an unforgettable rendition of The 12 days of Christmas led by Liz in her inimitable style!
Chatting afterwards it was evident that people had really enjoyed the whole morning and all were invited to our other services over the next week or two ,judging by their response I expect a good number to be coming. It was a great way to start our Christmas services and a great way to be part of our community and for our community to be part of us

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