Saturday, 10 December 2011

Stuff I have read

Some stuff I have read that is  of interest to me, that I share,in case you have not seen it, and it is of interest to you!
UK  baptist stuff
It is quite hard to discover what is going on at national level beyond looking at the BU website .It will be harder still with the imminent closure of the Baptist Times but obviously like much of the rest of the world there is change in the air,money is short, and debate is happening; and some faithful bloggers throw some light on the situation
A couple of good posts on aspects of the situation here Whose Union ?Which Future? and here Questions for the Baptist Union

Other stuff
My friend and colleague Steve pointed me in the direction of this review of Scott McKnight's book
Junia  is not alone  The review is worth reading- will also read the book

Perhaps I should put together my sermon sitting standing up in future ! Here is why!
Sitting is killing you    (  h/t  The Simple Pastor)

While I don't have Sally's talent ,I do enjoy her blog- particularly her poems like this one

Lastly some very powerful images here

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