Monday, 17 October 2011

Alpha 2 The Cross

We had the second night proper of the Alpha Course last night.
We began with chat ,tea and the most superb carrot cake (meant to take a photo but I ate it too quickly!)then on to the course . This time the subject was the cross.
Once again Nicky Gumbel's video was a clear and simple exposition of the cross and once again the technology worked well, and everyone seemed to be listening hard.
The groups are just beginning to know each other and certainly in the group I led there was a great deal of conversation, and some pretty profound questions as well; ranging from "what about other religions? " to "the nature of the unforgivable sin" and the whole question of original sin.
It was a good if (for me) rather challenging conversation.

I do think the format of talk,followed by open discussion where you can ask any question works well in our culture in the UK anyway
The course now breaks for half term and then onto session 3

 Looking forward to it!

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