Saturday, 22 October 2011

South American evening

In the past we have done curry nights and Italian evenings and even a, very English, afternoon tea but this was the first  time we had done a South American evening!

The food was great ,we had a South American quiz (which served to show me how little I know about that part of the world) ,and following a demonstration by the expert Richard and Adriana ,I even danced a little salsa -something they didn't teach me in theological college.- I was no good but it was fun!

There is something about these events that works in our area, and loads of people from the local community came -we reckoned we served about 140 meals and about 50 -60 % of those who came did not belong to the congregation.

Many of those people had been at previous evenings of this type,so there is an opportunity for good conversations, & real relationshiops to be built, and they will all be invited to our Christmas brunch where there will be an opportunity to hear the Christmas message

If I was to summarise the plus points of these evenings ,they would be;

  • They demonstrate to the local community the church is open,cares about them  and is  not a private club
  • They give people in the church an opportunity to make an easy invitation to their friends ,families and neighbours and those who come to  toddler groups etc  (which can often lead to further discussion and deeper relationship)-one person told me last night they were going to start coming to church
  • They give people in the church an opportunity to use their gifts- it has been fascinating to discover the various talents people have from cooking to salsa dancing, to poster making
  • They are great fun !

The light was poor and  I only had my camera phon-e but a photo to give you the idea

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