Saturday, 2 April 2011

Promise Auction!

The town centre building is coming on.
We have enough resources to get it built but not yet enough to fit it out
We are very keen that the building will be for the community The Hub.To achieve that the building needs to be accessible and attractive .If it is going to be useful to all sections of the community it needs to fitted out with great technology.and this doesn't come cheap!Consequently we are in the process of raising more money.To this end we will have an Easter Gift Day,we are exploring grants,and having some fundraising events.

On Thursday night we had a promise auction where people promised a whole variety of things from a days fishing on the river Severn ,hampers for Mothering Sunday,a weekend in the Lake District, flower arranging,trips to the airport,a days sailing, a ride on a Harley Davidson and a whole host of other wonderful things!
I was amazed by the creativity  and generosity of the donors, and the enthusiasm of the bidders, we raised not far short of two thousand pounds.The best thing about the evening though was not the money raised but the great sense of community there was.It was just great fun!  One person  put it  this way;" a fantastic evening I was just bowled over by the diverse mix of those who both gave promises, and also those who bid for them."

I just  love the diversity,the creativity,the generosity of the Christian church at it's best!

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