Wednesday, 6 October 2010

In praise of Administration and especially administrators

The body is a unit,though it is made up of many parts,and though all of its parts are many ,they form one body.So it is with Christ 1 Cor 12 v12

It is no great secret that I am a poor administrator. Through the years, countless people have been kind enough to remind me of the fact.
Through the years, I am sure I have frustrated many of the people I have worked with by my lack of expertise in this area.
It's not that I don't think good administration is important ,it is just that I am not very good at it. There are some things I do okay, but administration is just not one of them.
I love people and preaching I am fascinated by concepts, ideas and vision, but I am poor on detail; and yet I recognise that administration is one of the most important ministries given to the church. Without it few of the other ministries would be able to function, and if they functioned they would not be very fruitful.
Without administration ideas would rarely be translated into action and vision into reality
Our church is going through a time of change which is possibly unprecedented in its history. The change is not just about names or about buildings,we are working through a complete change of church culture in order to, even more faithfully, love God, serve our neighbours and preach the gospel. Perhaps good administration is even more critical at such times, for the process is long and sometimes seems hard ,but without the gifts of administrators it would seem impossible.
God knows my weaknesses in this area and has always provided gifted ,patient and above all spiritual people to help me in this task. We sit down week by week and plan the steps we need to take, to achieve the goals we believe God is calling us to reach for. By using their considerable God given gifts ,they make it easier for me to use mine
When I started leading churches some 27 years ago I never thought I would say this but I truly do thank God for administrators who have also become friends and fellow workers
Now you are the body of Christ and each one of you has a part in it ..and in the church God has appointed...those with gifts of administration

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