Tuesday, 4 August 2009


A really good article I spotted on another blog on the subject of momentum
Some very wise words indeed- originally by John Maxwell who can teach us a thing or two about leadership and very important for our new church as we seek to take the next steps forward


  1. I love this article too, it really hits the nail on the head. Momentum and the progress it produces can be simple and you need simple and clear team approaches in order to achieve either. For me it mostly comes down to the right mindset and feeling that you 'can'but it is about how we release one another too. Churches can so easily feel like and actually be places where you can't do anything because you're too old or young or female or unconventional or out of the 'club. I think leaders need to lead the way forward on changing this to reenfranchise those disenfranchised by tradition and politics, not only giving people the chance to work together but showing them that there is no 'I' in team by the way they work together, cast visions and embrace the church as a diverse body of people. Mission should be born from and pour out of people's relationships with one another and with God...not either/or!