Friday, 7 August 2009

1 church 2 locations

There is too much interesting stuff out there! This from an American site; which is worth bearing in mind, as I think about the pieces impications for our new church ,which is 1 church in 2 locations .Not very common in the UK ,but increasingly so in the USA .
Below is the advice of a practitioner of a large multi campus site
Are there lessons for us?

Have a church name that's not geographically-tied. The name of the overall church is The Well Community Church. No geographical reference there. And The Well intentionally names their campuses geographically, and avoids calling one the “main campus” or “home campus.” In so doing, every campus is valued and perceived as an equal.
Keep the processes clear and simple. The Well keeps its multi-site process simple, so they can be responsive to new opportunities (facilities and core groups), able to change directions quickly like a school of fishes. They’ve ve been able to launch a new site as quickly as 3 months (If I remember correctly.) The leadership team is also implementing video technologies that will allow the teaching pastor to broadcast from any of its campuses.
Cultural relevancy is required to connect with people. Every church community embodies a culture. Every neighborhood community has its own culture (or sub-culture). In so far as a church can connect with that authentically culture, the better the Gospel can be incarnated and lived out for the good of the church and the good of the community.

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