Monday, 15 April 2013

Spring Harvest 2013 -a few thoughts

  • I am feeling physically tired but spiritually refreshed after my second Christian conference in as many weeks.
     I wrote about the great time we had with Christian Associates here and last week I was at Spring Harvest in Minehead.
     It  was the first time we had been for well over 20 years, and much was very familiar 
    Here are some of the things I especially enjoyed:

    The morning family worship 
    This was half an hour all age worship and it was very well done.the time included prayer ,bible reading,drama,dance  and great use of technology
    The missional tone of the event.
    There was a real encouragement throughout the week for  Christians to engage with their local communities
    Spring Harvest have not led this trend but it is great to see they are reflecting it 
  • Spring Harvest is great at technology and use it as well as any conference I have ever been at; but it was used well to illustrate rather than to overwhelm
    The facilities for those with Special Needs there was signing at all the major meetings during he week ,a good area for those in wheelchairs with very helpful and well trained stewards, all in all very positive, though it would have been good to see at least one wheelchair user speak  on the main stage during the week ,so there are still  areas to work on!
    The chance to spend quality time with people from church.
    It is true it would have been good to do more of this, but that is not always easy in a conference with so much going on all the time, but we still managed to eat together, celebrate a couple of birthdays together, and have some important conversations,which all helps to build relationships. 
    The chance to meet old friends again 
    In our case Claire and Derek and their family. Claire  used to run the youth work with us in Ross many many years ago and it was amazing to see them again 
    It was also great to  bump into Tim and Marlene.We had seen them more recently, but it was good to catch up with their news
    The after hours entertainment It included Tim Vine and John Archer -need I say more !

    There were other moments I enjoyed and were helped by , and any list like this is very personal, but all in all it was a good and helpful time

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