Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Flower Show


After a week when the media has been packed with news of the dark deeds that human being are capable of ,it was great to go to the Flower Show in Shrewsbury to see that we, who are made in God’s image, are also capable of amazing creativity!

I have always loved these shows and this one in particular for its variety, for its colour, and though people come from far and wide, for its very  local feel.

Over the years it has become less a flower and vegetable show though there is still plenty to admire!

We especially enjoyed these 2 sensory gardens created by local people, and which at the end of the show are going to be given to Hope House  children's hospice and Severndale School respectively .Two places dear to our hearts

There was some amazing metal work

We enjoyed the show jumping

A very enjoyable day ended with an incredible firworks display

A really great day and this time next year  with our new town centre building, we will have thousands of people passing our front doors on the way up to the show .Now there is another opportunity to be creative !


  1. Thank you for the pictures,Charles. They brought back very happy memories of when my grandma, who lived in Oakengates, used to take me to Shrewsbury Flower show. Some things are the same- the show jumping and the fireworks and the flowers and vegetables, even though, as you say, there are not so many these days!

  2. Thanks Pauline
    You keep gardening adn you may win a prize there one day :)