Monday, 22 August 2011

Latest photos town centre building

I was back at the town centre building today and was surprised and delighted by recent progress.the roof is now on,
A lot of internal work has also been done since I last visited, and they are even starting to put some of the wiring in .You can get a much better idea of what the building will look like when it eventually opens.
-I think it will be a great space!

Apologies for the quality of the photos but they give you an idea of what it look like now.


  1. WOW it is certainly coming along and it's exciting to watch as each new stage develops.

    As you can see I've moved you again to another blog!! I hope you're not feeling seasick? lol

    Take care, lots of love, Judyx

  2. ps: nope I don't like strawberries - I don't mind them as a flavour for icecream, yogurt or even strawberry jam but don't like them 'raw'. I am often viewed with great suspicion because of it :0

  3. Thanks Judy ! Love the look of your new building -also right ast the heart of the community -fantastic!