Monday, 22 March 2010

church weekend 2010

We had our church weekend recently
As usual it was wonderfully organised by Jude (with a little help from her friends!),it was a great time to build the strong relationships that are critical to any church ,especially a new one like ours .
We studied the Book of Acts especially Acts 11 and Acts 13 ,looking especially at the church at Antioch, and what we could learn from them ,which as it happens is loads and loads ,especially their love of Jesus and how they kept him at the centre of everything No accident then that they were first called Christians at Antioch!
We did other stuff too Walking , archery ,raft building ,drinking loads of coffee ,having lots of chat ,a quiz , a social night ,and we watched the very moving film " The Man who planted trees" which spoke to us a lot about change and the value of perseverance a very underrated Christian quality in my view!
Sunday communion led by Steve was special with time taken to pray together and really reflect on what the cross means

I left feeling very positive about this great body of people who have been brave enough to step out in faith and are called to be Shrewsbury Baptist Church
May God may God help us to be mature but never tame! May the reader understand!

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