Monday, 13 August 2012

Flower Show weekend at Central

The Flower show is a big event in Shrewsbury.
People come from far and wide to see the flowers ,exhibits, stalls and events and listen to the music.
Our Central building is on one of the main routes to the show.
An obvious opportunitY ,therefore,for us to engage with our local community not only by being open for teas, coffee's and cakes, but by doing various things outside the building like giving people the chance to write on a wall the one thing they wanted to do before they die, ( we got some fascinating answers!)
 We  also did face painting , made balloons into animal shapes,and a whole lot of other stuff. Upstairs we held an art exhibition and discovered our versatile building works very well as a gallery among many other things

All these things were great fun and gave us the chance to meet loads of different people,listen to them,and also have some pretty deep and important spiritual conversations with people who we otherwise would not have met. I think the team who did it were tired but exhilarated
at the end of it all
A really good weekend was finished by meeting together on Sunday morning at Central for worship

This is not something we will do often on a Sunday morning at Central, but is was good to do  it yesterday
Worship was led by our young people's band which gave our worship band a bit of a rest and wefinished of by sharing lunch together
Not a restful weekend but an inspiring one!
Now looking forward to 3 days of Senior Moments starting Tuesday

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