Sunday, 13 November 2011

Street Pastors Shrewsbury

After a great deal of prayer and planning by many people from many churches in town ,the first batch of street pastors in Shrewsbury were commissioned last night in a service at St Chads church at which by my estimate 150 -170 Christians were present. It may have been even more.

It was great to see the enthusiasm the new recruits had for Street Pastors and the desire they had to get out onto the streets of Shrewsbury on Friday and Saturday nights.
 I have no doubt they will make a difference!

A couple of the Street Pastors shared powerful  testimony's as to why they felt led into this ministry and there was a short, but punchy sermon by the Bishop of Shrewsbury ,the group were then duly commissioned and t after a group photo the first batch of them headed straight out onto the streets

One of those is in our church and when I spoke to him this morning he said he had not got to his bed until 5am but he was excited by the reception they had got in town last night
Please continue  to pray for the excellent  leader Ian Horne and his energetic  team.I think 18 joined up following training last night -.I am sure others will soon follow

I managed to grab a photo of the 3 street pastors who are part of our church and we prayed for them and all the others this morning.

PS link to Radio Shropshire report

and here is their website
shrewsbury street pastors


  1. That is a wonderful post and such an inspiriation. Will indeed pray for them and their ministry.

    We are not in the Church yet!! a few issues have a risen (not from the churches involved). A certain building company are now the main stakeholders and want us to pay their legal fees to sort out a lease for us plus we were given a draft estimation of costs for service charges etc, which is well out of our league. The whole concept of the centre has changed - the previous stakeholder was very community minded this one is out to make money.. but we will get there in the end.. Judyx

  2. I am sure you will Judy
    I often think perseverance is a very underrated Christian quality Really pray you get in soon

  3. Funnily enough, I met & had a fascinating, inspiring, eye-opening conversation with a street pastor from Chepstow last week. On looking up the street pastor's website, it said Shrewsbury were just about to open! Thought of you & was waiting for the blog posting!

  4. Glad I didn't disappoint Helen !
    I have had very little to do with setting this up but it is an inspiring ministry
    Hope to see you on Sunday if your around as I am in Ross for the morning service

  5. Look forward to it :)