Sunday, 2 January 2011


Discipleship is a key theme of our church in 2011.This will also be the theme of our church weekend in March

Bonhoeffer was very direct on this "Christianity without discipleship is Christianity without Christ"

To help me think through the issues I am in the early stages of reading Bill Hull's The Complete Book of Discipleship .I am  already finding it challenging reading, which contains some thought provoking quotes from other Christians; e.g Dallas Willard's observation "we have not only been saved by faith we have been paralysed by it!...we have lost the idea that discipleship is normal"

To begin this focus on discipleship we have organised a week of prayer starting on 9th January to encourage people to develop their prayer lives This week will include many different types of prayer and hopefully inspire us to be in a much deeper relationship with God as we face the challenges and  the opportunities that lie  ahead
More details here

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