Sunday, 27 March 2011

Church Weekend Away 2011

I am back from an excellent church weekend away at The Pioneer Centre,Cleobury Mortimer.

Roger and Lesley Sutton from Manchester were outstanding speakers on our theme of discipleship.I will blog more on the content of what they said another time, but for now I want to say a big thank you to them both for not only speaking passionately and thoughtfully but for taking time over coffee,lunch and at all other moments to get to know us.They were constantly available to chat with.This was greatly appreciated by everyone.

There is much more to time away than the talks.
We did archery ,indoor caving,raft building,we had children's parties games a quiz,early morning prayer, and late night chats over coffee.It was a lot of fun but there were of course tears as there always will be when deep friendships and authentic relationships are happening.We rejoiced with those that rejoiced and wept with those that wept.

We worshipped we prayed ,we shared communion we grew closer together.The youngest person who came is a few months old, the oldest in her nineties.Together with them we are building Christian community which hopefully will be attractive to others

There have been sad and even hard times in the past but many of us feel a deep joy in belonging to this Christian community at this hopeful and exciting time

As Roger and Lesley said this truly is a new day for us.

We rejoice and are glad!

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