Monday, 1 November 2010

A time to tear down and a time to build up.

Christians have been praying and thinking about the redevelopment of the former Claremont Baptist Church site for around 50 years.For various reasons it has not happened though huge energy has been expended,plans have been carefully made,a lot of money faithfully raised but despite all this redevelopment has remained a hope,an aspiration and a dream .......until now!
Demolition has begun at last ,rebuilding will follow that and hopefully within 14 or 15 months there will be a new building on the site. A building to suit Gods purposes.

Timing is everything and I strongly believe this is Gods time for this development to happen

Over the last few years Claremont and Crowmoor Baptist churches have merged to form a new church Shrewsbury Baptist Church .A new church,with a new culture but whose purpose is mission

At the time of the merger Tim ,one of our leaders, produced this video which tells you something of what the new church is all about

So this morning we met at the town centre site to pray and commit ourselves, the builders, our mission,and the new building that will emerge to God.

We reminded ourselves that God does not live in buildings made by human hands ,that we are not building a church ( God does that!) but a building- but it is a building that we believe will help us, and hopefully other Christians, minister to the town centre ,the people who visit it, and live in it, for many years to come.

Though some of those who gathered felt a tinge of sadness that a building that held some great memories ,was being demolished the overwhelming feelings were ones of Thankfulness, Joy and Hope!
Thankfulness that the prayers of generations were being answered.
Joy at seeing God work.
Hope that the future with God can be even more exciting than the past.
No doubt there will be struggles and frustrations ahead but it was good to be together today to stop, to reflect, to give thanks, and to recommit ourselves and our new church to a great God

May we truly be a people for His Glory and who love God and our neighbours as Jesus commands us to do

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