Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Conflict and reconciliation!

I hesitate to post on this having experienced my fair share of conflict in the churches I have led over the past 25 years; though the church I lead is now coming into a good place with a powerful and growing sense of unity and harmony.
However I preached on Christian Conflict resolution on Sunday night. I talked about the need for authentic relationships, where we learn to have the honest conversations that lead to a real relationship, and still love each other and move forward together.
I repeated the quote that I first heard David Coffey use" Dont fear conflict fear only unresolved conflict"
As human beings we will disagree at times Its how we deal with those disagreements that is
I saw this on a blog and thought that if even Billy Grahams grandson(pictured above) is not exempt ,the rest of us church leaders are unlikely to be either!

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